Longarm Quilting

I've been free-motion quilting on a domestic machine for almost 20 years, and teaching the technique for at least ten. In 2011
I bought an APQS Millenium longarm machine, rented an office from Quilt Country in Lewisville, Texas, and started quilting other people's quilts (OPQ), you know, because I had SO much free time. And now I have a second APQS Millenium that lives at my house, so that I can stay up all night if I want working on OPQ.  I'd love to quilt for you, too! Prices begin at $.02 per square inch for edge-to-edge* and custom pricing starts at $.04. All my quilting is hand-guided because that is what I love to do. Call me for an appointment (214-549-7307) or drop off your quilt at my office inside Quilt Country.

"Roses in the Window" detail | Click image to see full quilt


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*What is edge-to-edge quilting? It is also called "all over" quilting and it means that the quilting design travels all over the surface of the quilt from edge to edge without regard to individual blocks and borders. For example, you might choose a swirly flower design that covers the entire surface. It can be a large or small motif. Sometimes you will see it abbreviated as E2E. Custom quilting has block and border-specific motifs and might require numerous thread color changes. You can also combine E2E with custom if, for example, you wanted some custom work in the borders.

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